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It used to be that you would grab a fresh bottle of water each time you hit the gym. You might refill it once or twice and then pick up a new sealed bottle. As the population becomes more plastic savvy there is a huge trend towards more ecologically sound options. 


The sports/gym bottle industry has boomed and you can now choose between a range of designs in different materials; stainless steel, glass, BPA-free plastic. 


So we have showcased a few of our products to pull out the five bottles that will satisfy two lots of criteria:


Is it environmentally friendly & safe?


  • Can you recycle it? Naturally, all of these bottles were designed to be reused to they are already flying ahead, in terms of environmental appeal, of regular disposable bottled water. These are also recyclable when they reach their retirement or get replaced ahead of a new sports season. 


  • BPA free. BPA is an industrial chemical used in the production of plastics since the 1960s. It is used in polycarbonate plastics which are often used in food and beverage containers and of course water bottles. It is classified as safe but some research has suggested it can seep into beverages. There is also other research to suggest alternatives carry different risks. It has certainly made a big impact on sports bottle design and construction so expect BPA free as the norm now. 


Does it perform?


  • Does it provide leak proof guarantees?
  • Is it easy to grip/hold? 
  • Does it look slick and match your gym attire?
  • Is it easy to refill and drink out of?
  • Is there any flavour transfer from the material it is made from? 
  • Does it transport well?


We looked at five products that we think fit the bill and will provide you with an environmentally friendly, functional and good looking sports/gym bottle, whatever your adrenaline kick involves. 


  1. Hydro Flask 24oz Insulated Water Bottle 

pink sports hydro flask


The Hydro Flask has been making waves in the sports bottle industry. They have a modern design and well thought out functional construction. There is a bottle size and design to suit every occasion. I have opted to review the 24oz size because this feels most gym/sports compatible. The 18oz is a more compact version that some could prefer - it really depends on how much water you need when you train. 


What does the 24oz (710ml) Hydro Flask have going for it?


  • They offer changeable lids so you can choose between a sports nozzle or a simple screw top (purchased separately)
  • A carry handle that enables easy transport 
  • It is slender so fits in the hand and will also fit into bottle holders at the gym or on bikes
  • Whether you are out trekking outdoors or sweating in a gym the Hydro Flask can keep hot drinks warm for 12 hours and cold drinks cool for 24 hours
  • Made from BPA free plastic and stainless steel for a hard wearing reusable product 
  • Leak proof screw top that is well sealed 
  • A lightweight bottle which is surprising given its solid design 


Any negatives? 


  • The Hydro Flask is at the higher price end of the products I have reviewed. But, with a lifetime warranty they are a savvy investment 


Other sizes available: 21oz Hydro Flask    18oz Hydro Flask 


2) Takeya 700ml (24oz) Insulated Water Bottle 


Takeya clack sports bottle

Takeya looks the business. It looks solid and I liked the look and feel a lot. It comes across as the Volkswagen of sports bottle design, robust, hard wearing and certain to survive a fall. 


What does the Takeya 700ml (24oz) bottle have going for it?


  • It looks the part with a slick design and clever nozzle technology 
  • Keeps your favourite drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours 
  • Made out of stainless steel and is BPA-free 
  • A clever spout lid so you get a conventional sports size spout that is sealed with an attached screw top lid 
  • A convenient carry handle that feels nice to grip 


Any negatives?


  • It is wider than other designs making the carry handle a necessity - slightly wider than a comfortable hand grip 
  • Not the smallest price tag of our top picks but there is science behind it and a limited lifetime guarantee 

Other sizes available: 530ml Takeya Bottle 

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3) Smidge 450ml Double Walled Sports Bottle 

smidge sports bottle


A simple and clean design and a nice looking bottle. Smidge have a range of colours to suit personal taste and the ease of use is very appealing. It is a trendy bottle that will appeal to many I’m sure. 


What does the Smidge 450ml bottle have going for it?


  • It fits well in the hand and it will also slot into any exercise equipment or bottle holders at the gym/on your mountain bike 
  • The range of colours makes it nice and personable - I particularly like the silver - it just feels modern and trendy 
  • It was built for day to day use 
  • No leaking - a well-sealed screw lid
  • It stores hot and cold liquids so you can take it outdoors on an adventure or fill it full of ice cold water that will remain chilled throughout your workout 
  • It is made from metal so it is hard wearing and can be used time and time again - an environmentally friendly material 
  • Quite lightweight even when compared to a more traditional plastic bottle  


Any negatives? 


  • It doesn’t come with a carry handle but it will fit neatly into a bag or comfortably into the palm of your hand 
  • If you want a sports nozzle then this might not be for you. It has a nice wide mouth for those who are not nozzle fans. 


Other sizes available: 750ml Smidge Bottle    325ml Smidge Bottle 


4) Sigg 1L Sports Water Bottle 

Sigg blue sports bottle

Sigg have been making aluminium products since 1908 and championed it as the material of the future all the way back then. The environmental enthusiasts will recognise aluminium as one of the more lasting materials we use and a popular choice for lightweight sports bottles. 


What does the Smidge 450ml bottle have going for it?


  • It is incredibly lightweight 
  • It can be carried just on one finger which some people prefer to larger handles 
  • It is environmentally friendly, robust and reusable 
  • It is good value at under £20 
  • A practical screw cap that doesn’t leak 
  • Good quality aluminium construction and BPA free 
  • Available in a variety of colours and sizes 


Any negatives?


  • It is a wider model so doesn’t fit as soundly in the hand but is still grippable 
  • Not everyone enjoys a single finger hold and may prefer a larger carry handle 


Other sizes available: 0.6L Sigg Bottle 


5) Bobble Plus Filtered Water Bottle 590ml 

bobble water filer bottle in blue

Bobble is perhaps the more traditional sports bottle design but with a difference. You can opt to infuse or filter your water. The bottle comes with a simple to use carbon filter. 


What does Bobble Plus 590ml have going for it?


  • It has a nice design that fits really well into the hand due to the curved middle
  • It is very lightweight 
  • It is BPA free and also dishwasher safe where most others are not
  • Carbon filters can be replaced after 3 months of use 
  • The carbon filter holder can be used to filter the water or it acts as a barrier so you can fill your water with fruit without it coming out of the lid as you drink  
  • A modern and stylish design in a variety of colours and sizes 
  • A pull out spout sports bottle cap that is leak-proof 
  • It is priced very competitively at just over £10 

Any negatives?


  • The lid takes a little bit of effort to begin with just to pull off the bobble rubber lid and pull out the nozzle but that does make it leakproof 
  • The filters do need replacing over time but they do give you filtered water which some people find highly appealing 


Those are five of our sports/gym bottle designs. You can check out the full range here: 

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