Whisky and Bourbon Glasses

Whisky Glasses

Discover the perfect whiskey and bourbon glass or whiskey glasses complete with tailor-made boxes. We have crystal and glass whiskey glasses to suit any preference. A whisky glass is a style of glass shaped to enrich the experience of consuming and nosing whisky. The most favoured glasses feature a bulbous body shape which lets aromas be directed through a narrow rim. Some of the most popular whisky glasses are the tulip glass, the Glencairn glass, the whisky tumbler, the highball glass, the snifter glass and the NEAT glass. For the more discerning whisky drinker, finding the perfect one for you can be significant, and here at Muldale, we aim to offer the finest whiskey glasses for you to enjoy.

Whiskey glasses make an excellent gift, especially those personalised for the recipient. Muldale sells different types of whisky glasses, from crystal to tumblers and Glencairn. Whatever whiskey glass you go for, you must learn how to swirl whisky too. This is a technique normally used to unlock the aromas of whisky for a full appreciation of the taste. Whiskey glasses ooze class, and many people think of enjoying whisky and cigars at the gentlemen's club or smoking room after dinner. Wherever you like to sip your favourite whiskey, Muldale sells some of the most elegant, high-quality whiskey glasses online. You can also enjoy free delivery on orders over £50 when you purchase with us.

If you're looking for the best whiskey glass for you, the right one can really help to enhance the enjoyment. There is a glass shape and style for every whisky fan, you just need to try a few, and once you know, you'll know which is the one for you. To help you decide on which type of whiskey glass to buy, see our little guide below.

Choosing the right whisky glass is almost as important as choosing the right whisky. For the more discerning whisky drinker, the right whisky glasses take the tasting experience to the next level.

To help you make the right decision, we’ve created a little guide below to help you choose the best whisky glasses or best bourbon glasses.

What is the difference between whisky and whiskey?

The correct spelling of whisky, or whiskey is generally based on where you live, or where you buy yours from. ‘Whisky’ is generally used in Scotland and by Scottish distillers, whereas ‘whiskey’ is from Ireland.

The American spelling of ‘whiskey’ is believed to be due to the large number of historical Irish immigrants setting up distilleries throughout the US. Although the legal spelling is ‘whisky’, whiskey is generally preferred.

Where to buy Whisky Glasses?
We’ve carefully selected all our whisky glasses to give you the perfect selection of different styles and sizes, from scotch glasses to bourbon glasses and everything in between. We stock a wide range of crystal whisky glasses, including Glencairn whisky glasses, the Hemswell Crystal Whisky Glasses and Wrenbury Whiskey Glass range, available exclusively to Muldale. In addition, here you can find Edinburgh Crystal Whisky Glasses.

Types of Whisky Glasses:

Copita whisky glass

The tulip-shape of copita glass makes this the perfect tasting glass to help you choose your whisky. The bowl-shaped glass provides the perfect setting for whisky aromas to circulate, travelling through a narrow rim - perfect for appreciating the nuance of each different whisky.

Glencairn whisky glass

Whilst similar in shape to the copita whisky glasses, the Glencairn whisky glass is favoured by those who prefer a shorter stem. The size of the Glencairn whisky glass creates the perfect learning experience for whisky-swirling - used to release the aromas from the drink.

Whisky Tumbler

The most common whisky glass is the traditional tumbler shape. Once you’ve tested your whisky, the tumbler is the perfect option for enjoying your chosen malt. The wide rim and robust base allows you to simply enjoy the whisky experience - with or without ice.

Crystal whisky glasses

Although crystal whisky glasses aren’t a particular shape, the high-end finish and higher density adds to the overall sensory experience of drinking whisky. Crystal whisky glasses also make the most perfect display glasses. Here you can also choose your favourite dram glass.

Snifter whisky glass

With a history rooted in gentlemen's clubs, the snifter glass is commonly used for brandy but becoming increasingly popular with whisky drinkers alike.

Looking for High-Quality Drinkware?

Whatever your choice of whisky glass or whisky glass sets, you're sure to find the right one here at Muldale. We’re experts in glass and barware with a huge range of gin glasses, wine and champagne glasses, decanters and many more.