Gin Glasses

Gin Glasses

The G&T is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the UK today. While it’s history is that of a medicinal beginning (used by monks and alchemists across Europe since the 17th century), it’s recently been through a resurgence in popularity with a wide variety of gins and gin liqueurs available in array of different flavours.

As all gin drinkers know, it’s not just the drink that makes the experience, it’s the glasses and glassware that allows the aroma of the juniper berries and botanicals to be released. From the staple G&T to gin cocktails, here at Muldale we have the perfect range for you to buy your gin glasses and gin glassware.

Our range of Gin Glasses

Our fabulous range of gin glasses are made using the highest quality of glass and come in styles to suit every occasion. Whether you're hosting a party, buying a gift for a loved one or simply want to treat yourself, we are guaranteed to have the perfect glassware for you.

We stock gin glasses in a variety of designs, including quirky goblets, stunning stem glasses, trendy tumblers and your more traditional Copa glasses.

They come in different sizes, from small 350ml tumblers that fit perfectly in your hand, to large 700ml round glasses which are ideal for a generous G&T at the end of a hard week.

Our products are available individually or as part of a set of up to four glasses. This means we will have something to suit you, whether you're a couple, living with friends, a keen entertainer or just a gin enthusiast!

What are the best gin glasses?

Choosing the best gin glassware comes down to both the drink and personal choice. Whether you’re looking for fancy glasses for gin, or special gin glasses, the below are the main types to choose from.

Balloon Gin Glasses

Balloon glasses are the most popular choice and widely used in bars and restaurants. Often referred to as gin bowl glasses, the wide construction is perfectly designed for plenty of ice, and the added garnishes in fruity gins and gin cocktails. Often referred to as Copa gin glasses, the shape uniquely allows the release of aroma, ingested as you drink.

Highball Gin Glasses

For the perfect gin and tonic glasses, the highball gin glass is the most popular choice. The tall narrow shape is great for keeping the fizz to carbonated drinks, and a limited surface area allows the drink to stay cooler for longer. The highball glasses for gin shape offers super versatility for cocktails too, so a great addition to any home bar.

Gin Goblet Glasses

Similar to balloon and copa glasses, the gin goblet glass has a bowl-like shape. Although smaller in size, this makes them easier to hold, with all the cooling benefits of their larger counterparts.

Stemless Gin Glasses

Stemless gin glasses are some of our bestselling glasses (especially in a pair of gin glasses). The shape of the glass gives the same sensory experience as balloon gin glasses, but the short thick stem offers a greater grip and a more firm base for placing on a table. It’s no wonder these are a particular favourite for BBQ’s and outdoor use.

Gin Tumblers

As part of the resurgence of gin, the gin tumbler has become a favourite for many. Available in a variety of colours, opacity and finishes, the gin tumbler is one of the most versatile glasses for use with other spirits and cocktails. 

Crystal Gin Glasses

Crystal gin glassware aren’t necessarily known for being of a specific size or shape, but, due to the high quality of cut glass glasses such as crystal glasses for gin, they give an additional dimension in the feel of holding the glass.

Our recommendations

- Our stem glasses are designed for multipurpose use, such as displaying beautiful cocktails, wine, or of course, your favourite flavoured gin!

- The tumbler collection is ideal for anyone organising an outdoor event, like a BBQ, summer party or picnic, and these will definitely be a talking point for your guests.

- Goblets and Copa gin glasses can be used when you're unwinding and relaxing at home, or perhaps socialising and having a few drinks with friends.

Where to buy gin glasses?

By choosing Muldale for all your gin glassware needs, you’re guaranteed beautiful glasses with super quality, hand picked by our team of experts. We have a great range to choose from, from the exclusive Muldale thick stemmed gin glasses, to the designer Dartington Gin Glasses with Swarovski elements. Check out the latest addition to the range, the stunning Eleanor etched gin glasses.

Why choose us?

Every order is handpicked with love and care by our team of experts. We ensure that your glasses are packed safely and securely, so that your glasses always get to you in pristine condition and you can start using them straight away!