Hampers are a regular appearance when it comes to gift-giving. They are really amazing for people who want to spend their time and make a personalised gift for their loved ones for Christmas. They come in all shapes and sizes, from little to large, and can be used for all kinds of occasions too. But with the holidays over, we all have empty hamper baskets sitting at home from the many gift baskets that we have received.

So what to do with them? They sure are too nice to be thrown out! Well with a little creativity and a fresh pair of eyes we can reuse them in different ways other than what they were originally intended for. Whether your hamper basket becomes a puppy bed, storage for your kids' toys, or a log basket it can be really nice to know that we can keep it functional after the content has been enjoyed.

If you are lucky enough to get one or maybe a few, here are 8 ways on how to use empty hamper baskets.

1. Firewood basket

Hamper baskets are ideal for storing your firewood either inside by the fireplace or outside of your house. They are spacious enough to keep the wood and also showcase a beautiful rustic vibe.

2. Kid’s toy box

Wicker hampers can be used for storing kids' toys. First of all, they don't have sharp edges so they are kid-friendly. They have enough space and can be easily customized. You can choose to decorate them according to your kid's wishes. You can paint them, spray them or add patterns to them. Keep them by the door so they are close by and teach the kids to drop their toys into the basket.

empty hamper baskets

3. Pet’s bed

Does your furry friend need a place to sleep? How about turning your hamper basket into a cosy bed for your pet? You can personalise it and add super comfortable cushions and blankets. The perfect place to relax and snooze.

4. Umbrella holder

Fan of big umbrellas? But you don't have a place to put them? Luckily hamper baskets come in all sizes so one way to reuse them is to turn them into umbrella holders. Have your hamper basket near the front door so you can pick your umbrella on your way out. You can also have one at the back door for dropping your wet umbrella when you come home.

5. Bathroom organiser

Are you tired of your bathroom products scattered around? You can reuse your hamper basket to store it all and collect everything up. It can also make your bathroom look much nicer and neater when you have all the essentials in one place. If you have more things such as shampoos, towels, napkins, etc you can use a couple of hamper baskets and make a unique organiser.

6. Store dry fruits and vegetables

If your pantry is not big enough, you can use your hamper baskets for storing your apples or potatoes. You can choose to store any fruit or vegetable that doesn’t require to be kept in the refrigerator.

7. Plants holders

You can place your beautiful plants fake or real in the baskets. Bear in mind that if your plants are real you should have them potted and then placed in the hamper. The contrast between the green and the brown will give your living room or kitchen a very nice look.

8. Linen storage

Wicker baskets are perfect for storing linens, sheets, and towels. They keep everything organised and neat but also add a nice dazzling vibe to your home. Put the basket in a corner of your bedroom or in a hallway and everyone will think they are part of the home decor.

Conclusion - How Would You Reuse Your Empty Hamper Baskets?

Well, there you have it! Our 8 best and favourite ways to reuse hamper baskets. What about yours? What is your innovative way to reuse your baskets to organise your home?


What do you fill a hamper with?

Everybody loves a hamper! We all know it. The best thing about hampers is that you can fill them with almost anything. You can create a well-thought-out and personalised hamper that can be tailored to the recipient. Send it to your best friend for her birthday with all her favourite beauty products, or to your mother with a variety of herbs and spices. You can also fill your hamper with Christmas presents for the whole family and put it under the tree.

What can I do with wicker hamper?

Wicker baskets are perfect for picnics. There is literally nothing better particularly during spring and summertime than going for a picnic by the river, at the park or at the beach. The wicker baskets are the perfect containers for your picnic snacks, such as sandwiches, fresh fruits, and drinks. Don't forget to bring with you a picnic blanket also!