Its majesty, the gin! It is mostly known as the UK nation's favourite and most popular alcoholic beverage. Something as beloved and iconic as gin deserves to be served in a unique and iconic glass. It is only right! When you've got a fabulous gin on your hands, the other most important thing to acquire is the best gin glasses to seal the deal. Because every gin deserves to be in a stunning glass. We'll toast to that!

Whether your gin glass is stemless, stained, or crystal glass they are as essential as the gin itself when thinking of having them in your home bar. Nowadays there are plenty of different styles of gin glasses out there that you can choose from. And if you're curious if serving your gin in the right glass makes a difference, we can confirm that the answer is most definitely yes! So, keep reading to make sure you can choose wisely. 

Choosing the best gin glass isn't just a matter of style. It's a unique and beautiful process to make sure you get the most of your drink, including elevating scents, tastes, and textures. Yummy! All gin glasses have been designed to perform a rather different function to enhance your experience depending on whether you drink cocktails, neat gin or the most famous gin and tonic. 

With the number of different glassware to serve gin, looking for the best gin glasses can be daunting. That's why we've put together our list of the best gin glasses. 

Types of Gin glasses

Presentation is everything. There is a reason why when you order your gin and tonic the bartender doesn't bring it in a plastic sippy cup. The experience and the enjoyment of your gin are definitely improved by the type of glass. Here are some examples of the best gin glasses.

Copa de Balon 

copa gin glasses

Also known as the Copa glass, this gin glass dates back to the 1700s from Northern Spain. The name Copa de Balon means ballon glass. It's most usually used for gin tonic. The Copa gin glasses have a long stem and a large, rounded shape. Thus offering much more space and volume which allows you to add lots of ice and garnish. Sounds like a proper gin tonic. The fact that you hold your glass at its stem, allows you to not warm your drink with your fingers while sipping. With the large opening, you can enjoy the full hit of the cocktail smell. And, it does smell amazing, doesn't it? 

Highball glass

Historically, the highball glasses were the go-to for gin drinks. It's a popular form of gin glassware because it has a simple and sleek design. It is tall, slim, and can preserve the coolness of the drink longer. This is because the form allows you to pile it high with ice. And, they fit easily in your hand. The highball glass is a timeless classic and a must-have in any collection of gin glassware. It's the perfect glass for low-key occasions, as well as vintage gin cocktails. 

Tumbler glass

Another popular choice for gin is the tumbler glass. This type of glass should be short and quite wide. Its broad body has plenty of room for ice which allows you to enjoy slow sipping at a cool temperature. The tumbler glass can be used for different kinds of alcoholic beverages like whiskey or cocktails. In the modern-day, gin drinkers are using this classic type of glass usually for having a gin neat or on the rocks. It can also be referred to as rocks glass. 

Goblet glass 

The goblet glass has a really long and unique history. It pre-dates the Roman Empire. It's definitely an old style of glass, and the name sounds old and classy, too. This glass has a very medieval look to it. The goblet glass has curved edges, but not all goblet glasses have the same stem. Some of them have thick stems as their base, while others look like short Copa glasses. They are very unique and nice to look at. The goblet glass is recommended as an addition to your glassware collection. 

Martini glass

Do you want something more special? - Choose the martini glass. Just like many of the other types of glasses the iconic martini glass dates from 1925.  The martini glass is unique from the other stem-based glass because there is no bowl to it. The shape of the glass is more triangle or V-shape. The wide brim allows the gin - the main ingredient in a martini to release more of the aroma because of the larger surface area. 

Which is the most popular gin glass? 

Although it always comes down to a personal preference (when the cocktail itself doesn't dictate the style) the most dominant and popular choice for gin and tonic glasses is the Copa de Balon. 

There are many reasons (some of them mentioned above) as to why the Copa glass is the modern-day go-to glass. The benefits of this type of glass are wrapped up in the whole experience of looking at your cocktail, holding your glass, feeling its weight, the sensation, and the entrapment of the aromatics of the gin that keeps you nose-ready for your first sip.

Crystal vs Glass When It Comes Down to Gin glasses 

Both materials are suitable for your gin cocktails. Crystal glassware is more elegant and fragile and it's often reserved only for special occasions. On the other hand, glass is stronger and mostly used on an everyday basis. 

Stem vs Stemless Gin Glasses 

stemless gin glasses

Your gin glasses can be either stem or stemless. Again, this is totally up to your preference and choice. Stemless gin glasses are less formal than glasses with stems. If the point of your event is to relax or socialize with your friends or family, having stems might not be an advantage. The stems require extra care as they are easily breakable.  This might cause you to stress over a potential breakage, and that doesn't quite spell out a relaxed evening. 

On the other hand, stemmed glasses look more elegant and fancy and are viewed as glasses that allow a better drinking experience. Just like the crystal glasses are better saved for a special or a celebratory occasion. 

Take your pick from the best gin glasses for enjoying your perfect drink. Whether you choose a simple highball glass or a unique goblet or something more popular and modern like the Copa glass you'll have a quality addition to your glassware collection.

Also, while the holiday season is upon us, maybe treat a gin lover in your life with the perfect Christmas gift in the form of a glass. Maybe add a nice quality gin too. Clink-clink! Cheers!