toddler toys by hape

Once toddlers get to that inquisitive age there is a whole world for them to explore so you can understand their excitement. They have reached that age where they start crawling, and in no time walking, so the second you look away they are round at the neighbours. Maybe not that far but the world is their oyster so you need eyes in the back of your head.

We love Hape products at Muldale. They are committed to using natural materials and make their toys primarily in wood with plastic parts built to last for generations. They emphasise sustainability and combine a great selection with a traditional feel. All Hape tools are compliant with international safety and quality standards.

You can shop our full range of Hape gifts for toddlers here or check out our wider collection of children's gifts here.

Here are a few of our favourites if you are buying for an inquisitive toddler this Christmas.


Loop Skill Toy 

loop toy from hape for 12 months+

The early learning wooden maze loop toy keeps toddlers entertained by testing their motor skills. Sliding beads to make music and trigger lights helps them learn that actions lead to reactions. If three beads are combined a rainbow light show starts. If the right beads are matched more features are unlocked like fun tunes and hearing the names of the colours in English, Spanish and French.


Pull Along Caterpillar Toy 

pull along caterpillar toy from Hape

A lovely pull along toy for 12+ months onwards. Your toddler will have a companion as they start to explore their environment. The Caterpillar inches along and wobbles with every step. The wobbly caterpillar will match your toddlers' speed which will give them the incentive to walk faster and see how fast their new friend can go!


50 Piece Building Blocks 

50 piece block set by hape

One of the best gifts any toddler ever gets is building blocks. This is where their imagination comes to life. There is no end to what you can create with some high-quality blocks. Watch them stack towers and them knock them down, over and over. There is a canvas bag for easy storage as we all know how far and wide these blocks can travel to. They are ideal for assisting dexterity and hand-eye coordination. An educational and fun toy that no toddler should be without. Your only decision really is whether you choose 50 blocks or 75 which we have featured next!


75 Piece Block Set 

75 piece block set by hape

Learning through play is never better than when your child encounters blocks. The 75 piece set offers more pieces, different shapes and sizes to help with self-discovery, imagination and creativity. They are brightly coloured making them intriguing and an endless source of play.


Musical Pound and Tap Bench 

musical pound and tap bench by hape

Making noise is a child's favourite thing. This will be one of the first times they discover different noises and how they can create them. All early learning toys are designed to encourage discovery and this bench toy is designed to create musical maestros. They can hammer balls through the holes and play the xylophone.


Noah's Ark Pull Toy 

noah's ark pull toy

The Noah's Ark pull toy combines play with discovery. They can pair the animals, find their homes by sorting the shapes, and then pull the ark along with them as they explore their environment. The toy encourages fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They will also love the little wooden animals.


These are a few of our favourites and they would all make great gifts for toddlers. Explore our other gifts for children and get a head start on that Christmas shopping.