When you wake up in the morning what is the first thing you say to yourself? What’s for breakfast, right? And what is a breakfast or even brunch without any bread-like goods? So in the world of breakfasts, brunches, and afternoon tea the choice always comes down between the best of the best - crumpets vs english muffins.

They are considered griddle cakes because originally they were made on the stovetop. Both crumpets and english muffins are round, have soft and spongy textures, are crisp and full of nooks, which is perfect for soaking up melted butter, jam, or other flavourful toppings.

To the untrained eye, these heavenly goods may look similar or even the same. However, these so-called griddle cakes that have many similarities in appearance, have essential differences that make them special in their own unique way.

What Is a Crumpet?

Crumpets are small and round griddle bread, made from an unsweetened batter of milk, flour, warm water, baking soda, and yeast. Their shape comes from being made into a crumpet ring mould. They have a specific flat top with many small pores and spongy textures which allows toppings to be soaked. Mouth-watering delicious!

When it comes to cooking the crumpets, they are cooked on one side on the stovetop, griddle pan, or frying pan until they are ready to eat. Probably right away, because resisting them can be a hard task to complete. The crumpets are all about the “nooks and crannies” inside the bread. Crumpets are usually eaten with butter, jam, or any other savoury toppings, depending on your preference, making them the most comforting breakfast there is. Really there is no wrong way to eat them.

In some parts of the country, they can be called pikelets, but bear in mind that this name can mean a whole different recipe in different regions.

What Is an English Muffin?

An English muffin is a small and round griddle cake made from flour, yeast, salt, butter, and milk (which may be excluded in some recipes). They are stovetop affairs just like the crumpets, so you don't have to turn on the oven. They get their amazing crust, flavour, and big pockets of air because you cook them on both sides.

You can eat them with sweet or savoury toppings such as honey, various fruit jams, or bacon and cheese. The choices are endless. English muffins can be a real treat when they are fresh off the griddle but can also be a portion of fantastic leftover food. They can also come in different varieties, some healthier such as whole wheat and multigrain.

crumpets vs. english muffins

What Is the Difference Between Crumpets and English Muffins?

After we have described in detail the two above, you might have spotted the prime similarities between English muffins and crumpets. Still, there are key differences that set them apart. Let's explain the crumpets vs. english muffins dilemma.

Definition - Crumpets are round, soft, and unsweetened bread that look like muffins. On the other hand, English muffins are small, round, flat yeast-leavened bread, and are usually cut horizontally.
Batter - Crumpets don’t require yeast and are cooked from a loose batter, usually in a crumpet ring mould. On the other hand, English muffins are made from dough, which is more like bread.
Cooking - English muffins are always cooked on both sides, while crumpets are only griddled on one side. This results in crumpets having one side toasted and one side soft, while the english muffins are crispy all around.
Serving - When it comes down to serving them, English muffins are split while crumpets are served whole, adding toppings directly on them.
Texture - Crumpets have a spongy texture with nooks and crannies on top, while english muffins have a more bready texture, and are denser and thicker.

Which Is Healthier?

Crumpets have a little fewer calories when compared to English muffins. Yet, English muffins can be considered to be the healthier option between these two yummy goods. The reason is that English muffins have fewer fats and no cholesterol.

Good news - both crumpets and muffins can be made in healthier versions. Making them at home would be a better option than buying from a store as you can adjust and customize the recipe according to your preferences. Also, you can choose healthier toppings like fruit jam instead of butter.

crumpet rings

Final Words

Crumpets and English muffins are both small, round and delicious griddle cakes of British origin that rule the breakfast world. You could say they are the morning royals! Now that you know what a crumpet is and what an English muffin is, what will you choose? We'd say that you can’t go wrong with either of them because they are equally phenomenal. Both are popular breakfast and brunch options, and both are oh so very tasty. The only real way to find out which one is better is to make them and decide for yourself!


What Are Crumpets Rings?

The crumpet rings are kitchen essentials. Traditionally they were used on hotplates or griddles to hold the semi-liquid batter while it was cooking on one side. They are dishwasher safe and suitable for everyday use. Usually, crumpet rings are made from non-stick, high-quality carbon steel designed to last for decades.

Do You Need English Muffin Rings?

If you aim for a perfectly round English muffin, the muffin rings can help. They can hold their shape quite well while baking. However, the English muffin dough is strong enough that you can also do it without a ring.

Are Crumpets and English Muffins the Same?

As we have mentioned above, crumpets and English muffins are not the same. They have a lot of similarities as both are goodies used for breakfast and brunches, but they have essential differences when it comes down to batter, texture, cooking, and serving.

How Are Crumpets Different From Bread?

Unlike crumpets, bread is made with dough instead of batter. Also, bread is baked on both sides and split before serving.