The team, led by Amanda Johnson and Carrie-Ann, have put together a massive donation of food, toiletries and everyday items to make sure that those less fortunate receive the necessities.
They were spurred on by the thought that nobody should go without at Christmas and they certainly shouldn't go hungry. We all take meals for granted but the festive season always brings these issues into focus. Nobody should be worrying about where their next meal is coming from.
Carrie-Ann saw a post 'Christmas Gifting Calendar' on the Gainsborough Food Bank Facebook Page and sent it to Amanda who geared up her work colleagues to start bringing in items.
Christmas gifting calendar post
Everybody on Muldale's workforce started to bring in an array of items that satisfied the posts shopping guide ranging from Lynx deodorant to boxes of PG Tips. The deadline for the donations going to the Food Bank was the 20th December and the team have been bringing in items consistently through December.
gainsborough food bank contributions
We are incredibly humbled by their efforts. There is something very heartwarming about people coming together to help those less fortunate and we are proud of everyone's contribution.
The sadness is that we need the help of Food Banks at all. We would urge everyone to follow @GainsFoodBank and support them if/when they can. If you get a group of people together who all contribute one item, you can very quickly produce something that will make a difference to people's lives.
A big thank you to everyone involved at Muldale for proving that human kindness is still a huge part of Christmas. It is also very much in line with the companies pledge to 'Pay it Forward' in 2020 with small acts of kindness. I am sure we will be supporting Gainsborough Food Bank moving forwards and the team are already discussing plans for their next campaign.
gainsborough food bank contribution of items
The items Gainsborough Food Bank need the most include:
Mug shot type things/Dried pasta/rice packet ready meals
Packet noodles
Pot noodles
Fray Bento pies
Kids food/infant food such as tinned spaghetti hoops etc
Tinned fruit
UHT milk
Toilet rolls (we get asked for this a lot!)
Any type of crackers such as melba toast/plain crackers/bruschettas
Male toiletries/gift sets

We hope they continue to get the support they need until nobody is reliant on Food Banks! Big thank you to them and all the work they do in the local area.

Merry Christmas Everyone! We wish everyone a hot meal and a roof over their heads, not just for Christmas, but for every day of their lives.