We want to make sure that we keep you in the loop as to what we are doing to hit our ‘50 Acts of Kindness’ target. 
We have had a great start in January and have several projects planned for February and March already! 
Our first Act of Kindness was to become a supporter of Climbers Against Cancer (CAC). It means a lot to the team and it is something that will feature in our fundraisers throughout the year. Their approach and ethos is mighty and it is something we are very happy to be a part of. 
Our second Act of Kindness involved a selection of products going to the Gainsborough Wishes organisation in Gainsborough. It is run by a lovely lady called Jane Harvey who helps raise money for worthwhile local causes. We connected with Jane so that she could introduce us to other worthy causes which are now next on our hit list. We were also added to the Gainsborough Wishes website so you can keep track of our progress there too: http://www.gainsboroughwishes.co.uk/muldale/4594839301 
The team have been happily sorting through returned items and looking for opportunities to upcycle any that might benefit others. A fine example is two hedgehog homes that came back slightly out of shape. They were returned to their former glory and will be delivered to a lady who is currently looking after more than 90 hedgehogs! 
Jane kindly brought in two cakes which were quickly consumed by the team. Our next Act of Kindness will be to Gainsborough Heart Support. They will also receive a collection of products that they can sell on their charity stalls at various events throughout the year. 

There are so many worthy causes that we have quite a few that are on our list and others where we are still figuring out ways we can help. Once you start a campaign of this scale it is easy to get carried away by it and we have certainly got the buzz of giving. 
I will be doing a monthly catchup so you can track our progress and we are always open to new requests - we might not be able to respond to them all but we will certainly try!