muldale - new brand logo taking over from wren home and outdoors

Wren Home & Outdoors has evolved faster than we thought possible. We hoped to expand our range of products into new areas but what we have achieved has sculpted the company even further.

We have embarked upon a far more progressive standpoint on ecological and sustainable products and packaging methods. In light of our new ethos, we have taken the bold decision to change our name for one that represents a global, ecological brand more closely. That name is Muldale.

Wren Home & Outdoors served its purpose in communicating to our audiences that we were keen to push out into new areas like garden, travel, adventure pursuits, and camping. Muldale is a more concise representation of our established brand that we feel will grow with us for many tens of years to come.

We have doubled the size of our warehouse and put in custom spaces to focus on environmentally friendly packaging options. Significant investment has led to simplified logistics to meet the growing trend seen by many online retail businesses.

We have also looked for new areas of growth into garden and outdoor sectors to help promote our planet conscious ethos and will continue to do so. Our family-run business is keen to attract brands that are passionate about sustainability.

A few key examples on site currently are Smidge with their focus on plastic-free production, Iris Hantverk who revive traditional methods and work with raw materials, and Bee Bee Wraps bringing reusable food storage to the fore to end the reign of disposable freezer bags.

The greener product selection includes the use of wood and metal over plastic, championing reusable and recyclable brands, as well as offering lifetime guarantees on high-quality items. Brands like Hydroflask guarantee the integrity of their products for increasingly long periods, as do Horwood’s. They champion quality and sustainable materials over disposable ones. We are very keen, like many retailers these days, to move away from a disposable culture.

You will be able to enjoy a different shopping experience across the website soon. We will be introducing four labels that capture the new vision for Muldale. Those labels will be:

  • Eco
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the UK
  • Recyclable

Customers will be able to choose products that lower their carbon footprint. We want to offer products that will last longer, highlight local suppliers & manufacturers, help people recycle, and buy one item that will last them a lifetime, where possible.

We hope we are entering a new era for our planet and we want to lead by example. It takes time to bring in these kinds of widespread infrastructure changes. But, product by product we will be offering a much more diverse and sustainable collection. On top of that, we will also be refining our packaging, reducing the use of any plastics and increasing smart approaches that cut down on waste.

We hope you will be a lifelong shopper on and we look forward to this next chapter as a brand with a strong and progressive ethos on our environmental responsibility.