beard grooming gifts

To sculpt or not to scuplt...that is the question! 

Beard maintenance has become a serious pursuit and the level of artistry can either make or break an individuals sense of style. 

Since, the introduction of ‘Movember’ and a growing number of men learning to like chin stubble and full-on facial features, the product industry has skyrocketed. 

Your bearded friends and relatives likely have a grooming process to keep their beard hair supple, smooth and tamed. Taming some beards is easier said than done so they will be grateful for some fine products to enhance their morning regime. 


Here are five gifts that are ideal for the bearded man. 


1. Barber Standard Bear Oil - 10ml

captain fawcett beard oil

Introduce them to a superior beard oil. It has an array of subtle tones from lime & orange to base notes of Cedarwood, Patchouli & Musk. This oil is handmade for the perfect blend and comes in a glass bottle that is ideal for accurate dispensing every time. A few drops of oil combed through to the tip of each hair keeps that beard supple and soft. 


2. Folding Pocket Beard Comb 

folding beard comb

Captain Fawcett make incredible products that have a feel of tradition and quality manufacturing to them. The folding pocket comb is a thoughtful and very useful addition to a bearded mans arsenal. This fine example looks like it has been plucked from a barber’s shop. It is hand-crafted with fine teeth for easy grooming, maintenance and shaping of beards. 


3. Moustache Guard ceramic mug 


moustache drinking mug


Do you have a friend that has been particularly artistic with their top lip topiary? A styled moustache is a bold feature many have adopted and pulled off with varying panache. This mug is designed so that no moustache has to be drenched in tea or coffee when the biscuit dunking and rather British tradition commences, whatever time of day you enjoy a piping brew. 


4. Beard Oil and Folding Beard Comb Gift 

folding beard comb and beard oil

A winning combo of folding beard comb and beard oil makes the perfect gift. Two of the essentials for perfect beard maintenance presented in a tidy box. The oil is a fragrant mix of essential oils fused with Sweet Almond, Jojoba & Vitamin E base oils. Finely combed through it will soothe, moisturise and invigorate both skin and beard/moustache. Your friend or relative will be able to shape their beard to match their mood that day. 


5. Booze & Baccy Beard Balm 

booze and baccy beard balm


This is not just any beard balm. It is a fusion of 5 base creams and exotic waxes along with 10 essential oils. The mix is the result of a lot of testing and perfecting. It establishes maximum hold with only a tiny amount needed. It is a seemingly small but quite luxurious gift as it offers the next level of care to your bearded mate. Once he has tried Captain Fawcett’s balm he will never go back! 

Those are our top five, but if you want to see more of the Captain Fawcett range you can find them here