One of the most iconic drinks of all, often referred to as the gentleman’s drink, is the well-known whisky. Apart from the many types of whisky such as bourbon, malt, or scotch, there are also many different ways you can enjoy it. Many whisky enthusiasts like to drink whisky neat without any additions, while others prefer to have it in a cocktail. Either way, a good quality glass that will not break or scratch easily can be key to getting an enjoyable drinking experience. A drink will taste completely different in a wine glass, as opposed to a highball or martini glass. For that reason, we have reviewed the seven best whisky glasses for cocktails so you can find one that's perfect for your needs.

1. Snifter Whisky Glass

If you enjoy whisky and brandy, then a snifter is the perfect glass for you. It is typically used to 'nose' drinks, which means that it will allow you to smell the aroma of your drink and taste it.

This elegantly designed glass is also suitable for cocktails because it has a wide base, which allows the drink to breathe as it sits in the glass. This way, you get to enjoy all of your favourite flavours fully.


Snifter glasses are also great because they come with a wider bowl that narrows at the top, making holding them quite comfortable and easy on your hands. Moreover, less heat from your hand will reach the drink, which will keep the temperature of your beverage ideal.

2. Highball Whisky Glass

Known for the popular Scotch and soda, the highball is ideal for whisky cocktails. It has a long stem and typically holds about 300-400ml of liquid which allows you to add plenty of ice and mix your whisky with soft drinks.

Highball whisky glasses are also very durable, making them perfect for restaurants and cocktail bars. They have a high resistance to chipping and breaking, and they can withstand the heat from the dishwasher. Another great thing about the highball whisky glass is that it keeps the carbonated drinks fresh.

One of the most popular types of highballs is a Tom Collins glass, which resembles a chimney shape. These glasses are used for many types of cocktails including whisky drinks.

3. Whisky Tumbler Glass

The whisky tumbler glasses, also known as rocks glasses, are most commonly used when serving whisky. These glasses typically hold between 180 to 250ml and come in many different shapes and sizes.

Generally used to serve drinks on the rocks, the whisky tumblers have a wide base that allows you to blend the cocktail ingredients well.

Above all, the whisky tumblers are timeless and make great gifts for all whisky lovers.

whisky tumbler

4. Hurricane Whisky Glass

This type of glass was originally designed to serve the cocktail called Hurricane and got its name from it. The Hurricane whisky glass has a unique hourglass shape that can hold between 480-700 ml of liquid in its widest part. It is also known as the vessel for popular tropical cocktails such as pina colada and daiquiri.

They usually have a short stem with a slightly larger top bowl that makes holding them quite comfortable. Hurricane whisky glasses are normally used for strong drinks or cocktails with carbonated beverages.

5. Pint Glass

Sometimes you just want to drink your whisky straight out of the bottle. That's where pint glasses come in handy! They are typically used for beer and can also be used for other drinks, like cocktails. Pints are great because they come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can find one that's perfect for your needs.

If you prefer cocktails, then pint glasses are also great because they come in many different designs that will complement the style of your home bar or kitchen decor. The most popular type is the classic English pub glass, which resembles a cylindrical shaker shape with a slightly flared lip.

6. Whisky Wedge

Whisky wedge is a unique glass that is perfect for those times when you want to drink your favourite spirit at the proper temperature, which is between 0 - 1 degrees Celsius.

This glass has a wide base with an angled surface that tapers into the lip. The bottom half of the glass is filled with a solid sphere of ice that cools your drink without watering it down.

There are some great benefits to using this type of glass, the most important being the ability to keep your drink cold while maintaining the strength and flavour profile. It's also great because when you pour in your drink, you can use the wedge as a stopper to keep it at the right temperature until you finish.

7. Glencairn Crystal Whisky Glasses

Glencairn glasses are one of the most popular whisky glasses because they come with some very convenient features. They also have some unique designs that make a perfect match to any kitchen decor.

The first important feature is the tapered mouthpiece, allowing easy sipping and a more precise nosing experience. There's also the wide bowl, which is great for nosing and tasting your beverage.

Glencairn whisky glasses

The wide bottom base gives you more control over how much of your drink stays in the glass while you're drinking it. It also allows for a proper swish, which means that you can mix the whisky with the air inside the glass to open up its flavour profile.

Finally, the stem of the glass is slightly curved to give you total control over how fast your drink flows down the sides of the glass while you are drinking it.

The Glencairn glasses are typically used for strong spirits like cognac, bourbon, and single malt scotch whisky. But they are also great for beer, snifter-style wines, and older cognacs.

Which type of whisky glasses are used for cocktail drinks?

If you are looking to recreate the cocktail bar experience in your home you should know which glasses do bartenders prefer and try to make your own whisky cocktail. Some of the most commonly used whisky glasses for cocktails are the highball glasses, hurricane, and Glencairn whisky glasses.


The list of whisky glasses doesn’t end here, however, these are the ones that are most commonly used and provide the best drinking experience. While it's not necessary to have all seven different styles in your home, each one serves a particular purpose that makes your drinks look and taste their best. All you need to do is choose your favourite glass according to your whisky preferences.

For those of you who like your whisky neat, the whisky tumbler or the snifter may be the glasses you need. On the other hand, if you prefer mixed drinks or you’d be interested in organising a party, get yourself some highball glasses and enjoy your whisky cocktails.