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Browse our great selection of brands. At Muldale we select brands based on quality and the ecological impact their products have on the planet. We actively work towards showcasing products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable while upholding high levels of quality.

Our Own Brands

Wrenbury focuses on quality and innovation, bringing unique twists on the classics to the market. Muldale sources materials, design and production in the United Kingdom and has sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint at its heart. Hemswell Crystal focuses on one of our favourite areas and materials, creating flagship products with their own individual sparkle. 


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The idea is that you will buy a product once that will last you a lifetime. We source local brands and build great ties with UK suppliers alongside international industry leaders. We are proud of the selection we have and hope to grow our product depth while reducing our carbon footprint.

We have a range of leading brands including Sheffield Richardson who produce the bestselling Kyu 5 Piece Knife Block Set, Burgon Ball who sell these popular Eco Paper Pot Makers and our own brand Wrenbury who sell a range of products including these hot non-stick crumpet rings