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Cognac and Brandy Glasses


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Cognac and Brandy Glasses from the barware experts

Here at Muldale we're experts in glass and barware, handpicking all of our range to give you the very best cognac glasses and brandy glasses at the very best prices. We scour the world to pull together our collection of brandy glass sets and Cognac glass sets, including snifter glasses and crystal brandy glasses to give something for everyone.

What is brandy?

To put it simply, brandy is a liquor created by distilling wine. Dating back to the 15th century, the creation and production of brandy is tied to the development of the distillation process. Usually caramel in colour (from the ageing process or by adding colouring for an aged-effect), brandy is usually consumed after dinner in a choice of brandy glasses.

What is the difference between brandy and cognac?

Varieties of wine brandy can be found around the world and both brandy and Cognac are produced in exactly the same way. Cognac (alongside Armagnac), however, is produced in the commune of Cognac in Southern France. To be classed as Cognac, the distilled wine must be produced in the right region, and spend at least two years in French oak barrels from Limousin or Troncais

To make the most of the tasting sensation of drinking brandy or Cognac, the choice of glass is almost as important as the drink itself. Choosing the right glasses for brandy or cognac glasses will elevate the taste and aromas produced. So, what are the different types of brandy glasses and Cognac glasses?

Types of brandy and cognac glasses:

There a 3 main types of brandy glass and Cognac glass.  Surprisingly, there is a lot of crossover with types of glasses used for drinking whisky which is why you will see some glasses in this category called whisky glasses. The reason for this is that they all share the same experience-enhancing design features. Here at Muldale you can find a Brandy glass set for any occasion. 


Brandy Snifter Glasses - the snifter glass is the most common choice as it has a narrow top, forcing you to inhale the aromas with every sip. The narrow top also make this glass perfect for drinking whiskey, rum and many other spirits.


Brandy or Cognac Tumbler Glasses - brandy tumbler glasses are a favoured choice for those that like their brandy with a cube or two of ice. The wider grip is enjoyed by many with a thicker base adding a little weight. This type of glass is also commonly used for whisky.  


Crystal Brandy Glasses - The shape of the glass means your hand is close to the bulbous part adding slight heat to already-room temperature. The traditional design is often held with the glass in the palm of your hand, with the stem between your fingers. It's believed this creates the perfect temperature. The use of crystal adds an extra level of luxury and weight to the overall experience. The designs of crystal brandy glasses are very similar to the traditional Waterford brandy glasses.


Brandy and Cognac Glasses FAQs

What is the proper glass for brandy?

Whilst there is no right or wrong answer, the preferred choice is usually snifter glasses or crystal brandy glasses.

What size is a brandy glass?

Although there is a wide variety to choose from, most brandy glasses are about 250ml.

What is the difference between brandy and cognac glasses?

There are no differences between brandy glasses and Cognac glasses. The difference between the two is that Cognac is produced in Cognac commune in Southern France.

Can you drink brandy from a whisky glass?

Yes, definitely. Brandy and whisky glasses share many design features that enhance the overall sensory experience.

Can you drink brandy from a tumbler?

Many people prefer a brandy tumbler glass or cognac tumbler glass when accompanied with ice.