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Gin Glass Gift Sets


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Gin Glass Gift Sets for Any Occasion

Gin is a firm favourite for social occasions and celebrations. This is why we have carefully curated this collection of gin glasses to make enjoying gin at home even more enjoyable. Our range of intricate, beautifully designed glasses are a thoughtful gift for any gin connoisseur. Any of the glasses in this range would make a beautiful addition to a glassware cabinet or liven up a shelf in the kitchen. You can find glass that has a tinted colour, pearlescent finish and even a set that features adorable bumblebees.

Gin glass sets make ideal gifts all year round for gin-loving friends and family. Whether you are looking for birthday or Christmas presents, these will mark the occasion. For milestone birthdays, you might consider a set of crystal glasses or glasses adorned with diamanté detailing. We also have various options that would make a perfect wedding gift for the happy couple. You can choose from the sets of 2 glasses, one for “Her Ladyship” and one for “His Lordship”. There is also no reason not to treat yourself. While searching for that special gift, you might find a set that would make your day the next time you pour a gin and tonic.

These sets make gift giving easy. Not only are they highly decorative, elegant glasses, but you can find sets in boxes and gift packaging. This is great if you are short on time or struggle with wrapping. It also adds a special touch for the person receiving the gift, especially with our boxed crystal glass sets. If you want to go the extra mile, we recommend a set of our gin glasses paired with a bottle of their favourite gin so they can use them straight away. For example, our glasses with purple-tinted stems would be a perfect companion to parma violet flavoured gin.

Where to buy gin glasses gift sets

We have made sure these gift sets are beautiful, but we also source glasses that are perfectly formed to get the best out of your gin. We have selected ergonomic designs that feel comfortable to handle, paired with classic large and round goblets, such as bubble-shaped gin glass sets. This space allows you to swirl the gin, mixing it well with tonics or lemonade. The size also allows you to savour the flavour for longer.

This collection has something to suit everyone, with both fun and classic designs. A set of gin glasses will be appreciated by loved ones, whether they have an extensive glassware collection or are beginning to build their own at-home bar. You can find sets ready to gift as soon as they arrive at your door with gift boxes that will also protect the delicate glass inside the package. We have sourced the highest quality products from across the world to ensure you and the person you are buying for is happy. Browse the collection to day to find your favourite new cocktail glass.

Browse our gin glass gift sets for that perfect present. Our best selling gift is this curvaceous pair of thick stem gin glasses. Whether your friend is an occasional pink gin sipper or a gin lover these sets will make a lovely addition to their glassware cabinet. There are some beautifully boxed crystal sets and some decorative glasses that bring a touch of elegance to gin drinking.

Choose the next birthday gift for gin lovers

They make thoughtful gifts for birthdays and other special occasions. Gin based cocktails are all the rage and as a nation, we have embraced gin drinking throughout the year. Treat someone special to a gin glass gift set complete with a slick box for that extra note of presentation.

Grab a bottle of gin and tonic to complete this thoughtful surprise. If you are a savvy gin buyer then check out our Copa gin glasses collection or our gin bubble glasses flagship set His Lordship and Ladyship. 

From cocktail sets to individual glasses, you can treat someone special to a gin glasses gift set. Our bestselling Gin and Tonic Gift Set is a beautiful gift that can be given at any time of the year. But make sure you don't get caught out by the wrong size glasses before deciding on a set - check out our guide to the best gin glasses. You could also look for the best gin gift sets which will look great in the kitchen or bar.

Perfectly selected gin glasses gift sets

In the past, finding the best gin gift sets was difficult to handle. Now, most are crafted with swanky curves and have ergonomic tapered stems for balancing a range of different types of gin glasses gift set. Used for serving gin and tonic, the glass allows you to savour the flavour by swirling the liquid around in the cup before drinking it. Gin drinkers are hardcore addicts when it comes to their favourite tipple and these gifts for gin lovers have been designed specifically to enhance your glass of gin.

Browse our extensive collection of the finest gin glasses gift set so you can find the perfect addition to your Gin repository. We have everything from elegant gin balloon glasses gift sets that also make the perfect cocktail tumblers, to specialised items to give your gin a unique twist. We also have some lovely crystal sets containing all you need to get started on a wonderful journey into the world of fabulous Gins. After all, who doesn't want to drink enormous amounts of delicious gin?