Artificial Mulberry Eucalyptus Plant

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Artificial Eucalyptus Plant with Pot

Consisting of a generous bunch of faux eucalyptus, this attractive plant possesses all the appeal of nature. It is perfect for those who want to inject some life into their homes without the fuss and hassle of natural plants. The beauty of this Artificial Eucalyptus Plant is in its lovely purple pink leaves.


Indoor Fake Decorative Plant 

The Artificial Eucalyptus plant makes a great addition to any living space, from a traditional living room to a contemporary bedroom, especially when paired with other faux flora as part of a delightfully tranquil display. Perfect for people who are not a fan of manual labour, this fake eucalyptus is the perfect way to add decoration to your home without concern for your plant's health or look.


Benefits of the indoor Plant

  • Approximate size 30cm
  • Made from plastic
  • A perfect office plant.


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