Who amongst us, doesn’t enjoy a good drink after a long day? And if you’re going to drink, let it be a good quality brandy or perhaps a good old glass of whisky. Brandy vs whisky, the choice is yours.

Let’s make one thing clear from the start. In the world of spirits, the most popular ones clearly are whisky and brandy. And where do these drinks actually come from? Whisky comes from grains, including corn, rye, and barley. Brandy, on the other hand, comes from distilled fruits, like grapes and peaches.

But to get the best out of any spirit it’s important to know which glassware to use. Choosing the right glass can really improve the drinkers’ enjoyment. It’s important to understand that finding the right glass can play a huge role in the way you drink your whisky or brandy.

Whether it’s just for you, or you’re sharing your drink with a friend, partner, or client, the presentation of the drink makes a significant impact.

To get the most out of the drinking experience is to know how to properly taste it. To fully enjoy your whisky or brandy you must give attention to certain details. One of the most important aspects relies upon the choice of the type of glass. Why not enjoy your drink in a lovely vintage or crystal glass?

Investing in the right kind of glassware for your drinks is a smart idea. Since drinking both whisky and brandy has a lot to do with experience it’s crucial to distinguish a whisky glass from a brandy glass.

Types of whisky glasses

The tulip-shaped glass

This glass has become a regular choice of master distillers, blenders, and true whisky connoisseurs. Its long stem prevents the drinker's hand from coming too close to the nose. Its bowl shape concentrates the aromas through the rather narrowed rim. Overall, this glass is suited for the true appreciation of the nuances of single malt whisky.

The Glencairn whisky glass

Similar in shape to the tulip-shaped glass, the Glencairn is considered a more robust vessel. It has a short and solid base that makes for a stable glass popular amongst those who are not fans of stems. The glass is also somewhat thicker. Due to its size, the Glencairn is the perfect glass for learning how to swirl whisky. Practice that is commonly used to open up the aromas of whisky for full appreciation. This glass is the modern version of the tulip-shaped glass and is solely dedicated to whisky.

The Whisky Tumbler (rocks glass, old fashioned)

A whisky tumbler is one of the standard choices for serving whiskey drinks. This versatile glass can be used to serve whisky neat, on the rocks, or whisky cocktails. It has a solid base and a straight side with a wide opening.

whisky tumbler

The Highball Glass

Highball glasses, the taller brother of the tumbler, are tall glasses used for serving whisky cocktails. This glass has a thick base that stabilizes them which prevents spills. It allows for plenty of ice, spirit, and mixer. Because of their height, they are best for cocktails.

The Shot Glass

Shot glasses are small glasses designed for drinking a small amount of whisky quickly in one go or "shot". Since the entire drink goes down in one swallow, the quality of the liquor can easily be masked. They come in different shapes and styles, someone's even having handles on them.

The NEAT Glass

This is a scientifically designed nosing and tasting glass with a wide tip and base. The glass should supposedly eliminate nose burn and numbing, which helps bring out the more subtle aromas. However, drinking from it may take a bit of getting used to because of its unusual shape.

Types of Brandy Glasses

The Brandy Snifter

A brandy snifter is a short, big balloon glass used to serve brandy. The shape is the key here. The base is a wide voluminous bowl with a narrow opening, designed to collect all the rich aromatics.

The Tulip-Shaped Brandy Snifters

Some brandy snifters are tulip-shaped with an opening at the top. They have a long stem, a wide bell, and a slight flare at the rim.

The Crystal Brandy Snifter

Although crystal brandy snifters aren't a particular shape, if you're looking for a high-class glass to sip your brandy from, this is the best way to go. Drinking from this glass will make you feel sophisticated and it will be a beautiful addition to your glassware.

crystal brandy snifter

What is the difference - brandy vs whisky glasses

Getting the type of glass right isn’t just a trendy fad, the glass affects the temperature of the drink and how it feels when it reaches your lips.

One of the differences between brandy vs whisky glasses is that the whisky glass is much thicker than the glass of brandy. This is because sometimes whiskey is served over ice. The best whisky glasses are the ones that have a lot of room for the whisky to move around and breathe.

The brandy snifter for example is designed with two purposes in mind: evaporation and concentration of aromas. Its wide bowl leaves a large surface area, which allows the volatile, aromatic compounds plenty of room to waft off the spirit.

Glassware really matters when drinking spirits as it gives you a better tasting experience. Choosing the right glass will depend heavily on the way you plan on drinking your whisky or brandy. Just like with most other alcohols, the glass that spirits are served in can make all the difference. Choose wisely!