Blue Ocean Glass Water Carafe with Glass Tumbler

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Blue Ocean Water Carafe Tumbler Outdoor Dining Set

This stylish set is a great idea as a glass water jug on hot days where you need a cold drink of juice with ice on hand to help cool you down. Designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

All in One Carafe and Cup Set

This glass decanter is designed to withstand temperature differences from hot to cold without fear of breakage. Suitable for outdoor dining on your bistro set or taking with you on picnics. The glass tumbler acts as a lid keeping the contents of the water carafe from being polluted by air impurities. Perfect for keeping at your bedside when you need refreshment or for using with mouthwash at your sink.

Main Features of the Outdoor Dining Carafe Set

  • Approximate size: 20.3cm (h) x 6.4cm (dia) - 700ml / Carafe
  • Approximate size: 5.9cm (h) x 8.3cm (dia) - 220ml / tumbler
  • Glass carafe set consisting of two parts
  • Compact & lightweight


Stylish all in one blue ocean carafe tumbler set perfect for picnics and outdoor dining.