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The Season Of The Garden Trug...

This seasons most sought after garden item is the garden trug. Ideal for harvesting plants, fruit and veg or holding your tools and carrying your planting accessories as you weed, plant and tidy. The trug basket makes a great helper and looks the part made from natural materials. The gardening trug is part of our history, originating from the Sussex trug. They are now made of a range of materials meaning you can get your hands on a wooden trug, willow trug and even a metal trug.


What is a garden trug?

The trug (or garden trug basket) is an indispensible part of the keen gardener's tool kit. The compact, shallow and easy-to-carry designs make them the perfect partner for carrying garden produce, tools and many more.

Although trugs date back to the 1500's, they rose to fame during the Great Exhibition of 1851 when Queen Victoria purchased several for members of the Royal family. Traditionally known as the Sussex Trug (due to trug makers being predominantly based in Sussex), the common trug shares many of the similar features but are now available in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and materials.

We've Hand Picked the Best Trugs!

These days trugs come in a huge range of sizes, styles, and finishes, and are just as practical as they are great to look at. Garden trugs are becoming increasingly popular as a way of displaying flowers, fruit and veg around the home. You can see some of those in the selections we have on offer within our garden trugs UK collection.

What are the different types of trugs?

Sussex Wooden Trug Baskets

The Sussex garden trug basket is the original trug design. Usually made of several thin boards of willow, the pieces are crafted into place and nailed or pinned together. The Sussex trug is usually finished with a sturdy handle and thick rim to protect your fruit and veg.

Gardening Trug Tool Baskets

To get the most out of a trug basket, the gardening trug basket with tools is becoming increasingly popular. Designed to carry both fruit and veg, and handy holders for your garden tools, the trug tool basket is usually made of willow wicker or metal for extra sturdiness.

Flower Trug Baskets

Flower trug baskets are usually shallower in depth but often slightly wider too. This makes them perfect for harvesting the more delicate items in your garden such as roses. Once picked and carried into the home, the flower garden trug also makes a great way to display your flowers. These are usually made from willow wicker to make them light weight.

Oak Effect Trug Baskets

Oak effect wooden trugs are growing in popularity for their looks and function. The design of the oak trugs means they are usually much deeper and stronger than, and perfect for carrying (and displaying) larger plants, vegetables, and fruit.

Metal Trug Baskets

The sturdiest of all the garden trugs for sale is the metal trug basket. This more modern twist on garden trug baskets is usually made from galvanised steel or stainless steel to make them as durable as possible. Metal trug baskets are predominantly used for carrying heavier items such as tools and also make a great way to display in the home. 

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Browse our range and see which garden trug for sale to find which suits your gardening trug needs best. Whichever trug basket you choose we know you will love it! 

Garden Trug FAQs

What is a garden trug used for?

Gardening trugs are designed for carrying plants, fruit, veg and tools. They also make great displays for flowers.

What are garden trugs made of?

Gardening trugs are usually made of willow, willow wicker, wood or metal.

What is a garden basket?

Garden baskets or garden trugs are handy ways of carrying tools or harvested items from the garden.

What is a wooden trug?

A wooden trug is a garden trug made of wood.

What are Sussex trugs made from?

Sussex trugs are wooden trugs and usually made from willow.