Medium Willow Trug With Lining

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This medium garden trug is the ideal gardening companion. It has multiple uses whether you need something to transport your tools for weeding around to various spots or you are looking for something to make harvesting fruit and veg more practical. It is a useful size and sits well in the hand with sturdy willow handles making it secure as you move items around.

The look and feel of the basket is natural as well as practical. The low sides make it accessible for awkward items like fragile plants or trays of seedlings. You could also use it for indoor use whether you are into crafts, knitting, flower arrangement or sowing. That makes it a great gift for anyone who might need a little portable storage space.

Approximate Measurements:

Height 49cm (19.3)

Width 31cm (12.2)

Depth 27cm (10.6)


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