Set of 2 Norden Crystal Glass Craft Beer Glasses

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Norden Beer Glasses Perfectly Shaped for Craft Beers

The tulip glass is possibly the most versatile beer glass – with a generous bowl, narrow waist, and flared rim. The flare helps to create a healthy head of beer, while the narrow waist helps to hold in the aromas and the stem and foot make the glass easy to grip and facilitate swirling to release more aromas. Helping you savor the hoppy, dark, and crisp taste of your favourite beer.

This beer tasting set is ideal as amoretti beer glass, goose island beer glass, Peroni beer glass, craft beer glass, or Belgian beer glass. Made from high-quality crystal glass which has been imbued with the element erbium for brilliant clarity. Designed for daily use, these set of 2 tulip glasses have a delicate look and feel combined with improved resistance – specially strengthened to ensure they can be used daily. Free from lead or any pollutants or toxins.

These craft beer glasses are made in Europe, using the best manufacturing processes which emphasise quality and craftmanship to give a premium robust finish. Designed to last.

Norden Craft Beer Glasses Features:

  • Approximate size:17cm tall x 9cm dia / 540ml / 18.3 floz / 1 pint
  • Dishwasher safe. We recommend washing your product prior to first use
  • This Muldale product has a 2-year quality guarantee.