Set of 2 Optic Tumbler Glasses in Blush Pink


Beautiful ribbed glasses with a subtle pink tint, pairing uniqueness with elegance.

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Blush Pink Optic Tumbler Glasses

These striking stemless drinking glasses have been created with a subtle tint that stems from the base of the glass. Combining this with the optic ribbed texture of each glass and you get a unique styling making these glasses the focal point of any party, enhancing the look of your cocktail, gin, water, or wine.

Designer tumbler glasses finished in blush pink

The Wrenbury Sunset range of optic tumblers has brought together a fusion of purple, orange, and blush pink which emulate the preputial glow of the sunset, creating a warm and vibrant look. Why not try a drink that compliments the tinted glasses - a Pink Cherry gin with maraschino cherry garnish would look sumptuous in the blush pink stemless glasses.

This set of 2 Pink tumbler glasses feature:

  • Oversized base, generous tulip shape and tapered  making them super stable
  • Approximate size:17floz / 10cm / 4" tall x 10cm / 4" dia
  • Approximate capacity: 500ml
  • Hand washing is recommended protecting the design on the base.

The Wrenbury brand is synonymous with quality and great British design. They seek out unusual items that are harder to find on the high street and make them to a high standard creating excellent value for money.