Set of 4 Gin Glass Style Shot Glasses

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Gin Style Shot Glasses

These stylish shot glasses have been designed with an on-trend Copa De Balon shape. The spacious fishbowl shape traps the flavours and aromas of your Tequila or Jagermeister!. The chunky stem ensures that the shot glasses are stable and won't tip over, spoiling your favourite tipple.

 Designer Shot Glasses

The large bowl shape of these shots glasses allows you to serve whatever you like. They are perfect for small, potent shots of your favourite Vodka, Sambuca, Jager... Their small capacity makes them also ideal as small liqueur glasses like port, sherry, or Irish cream liqueurs. Why not try serving jello shots, mini prawn cocktails, amuse-bouche, desserts in them too. So many uses. With their short stem and flared base, these gin balloon shot glasses are super stable.

Gin Style Shot Glasses Features:

  • Approximate size: 7.2cm (t) x 5cm (d) capacity 50ml
  • Handwash only
  • Comes complete with a 2 Year Warranty
  • Composed from lead-free, non-toxic, and non-pollutant drinking glass

 Wrenbury is a UK-based brand, specializing in quality and great design. Each item of the Wrenbury Barware range has been specially designed to suit their purpose from Gin and Vodka Cocktails to Jagerbomb and Sambuca shots.