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Wicker Picnic Baskets & Hampers


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The sun is shining and the outdoors beckons so grab some goodies, pack them in your wicker picnic basket and head out to enjoy a delicious alfresco meal in the glorious sunshine.

All of our picnic hamper sets are made from wicker willow. This naturally versatile material makes it easy to weave into beautiful designs. Strong and durable, the willow retains its shape and your wicker picnic basket can hold a significant amount in comparison to other materials used. It’s also more sustainable, as willow trees are fast-growing.

We have a diverse range of picnic hampers and our collection includes our beautiful range of wicker picnic baskets, sets and luxury picnic baskets. Choose your favourite to suit your needs, whether you prefer a set with plates and cutlery, a chiller section or a cosy blanket for you to relax on. We have a variety of designs too, including a traditional basket with lift-up sides, a bottle wicker picnic basket, an oval basket design and a vintage style. Opt for handy compartments or an empty wicker picnic basket to pack as you desire.

We’ve got the perfect wicker picnic basket waiting for you, whether you’re having a relaxed day out with family or friends or are looking forward to a romantic picnic for two!

More Than A Wicker Picnic Basket - A Ticket To Summer

The glorious picnic basket is a staple of many a British Summer, taking your gatherings and outdoor dining anywhere you choose. With a huge variety of picnic hampers and picnic baskets to choose from, we stock a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. Selecting a picnic set for a great day out with friends and family couldn't be easier.

We have a great collection of empty hamper baskets and vintage picnic baskets. They are all packed full of cutlery, plates, and lots of capacity so you can fit in your picnic spread and alcoholic beverages or soft drinks. There is nothing like trekking off with a wicker picnic basket by your side and enjoying some beautiful scenery whilst sipping on a prosecco or shloer.

Get a Wicker Picnic Hamper Set

What are you waiting for? Grab yourself a wicker hamper basket and your ticket to a taste of summer with your perfect "at the drop of a hat" wicker picnic basket! If you're not sure which picnic hamper or picnic basket is for you, or where to buy picnic hamper, read our handy guide below to choosing the right picnic hamper basket. There's also some handy FAQs for all your basket needs.

What kind of picnic baskets are there?

There are many different types of picnic baskets including empty hamper baskets, picnic basket sets and luxury picnic baskets. Our handy guide gives you more information about the different types of picnic baskets: 

Wicker Bottle Carriers - for those days where you simply want to take a couple of beers, bottles of wine or even fruit juices, the wicker bottle carriers are just the solution. designed to be durable, stylish and functional. You can even use them as wicker shopping baskets.

Empty Hamper baskets - make the picnic your own with an empty wicker picnic hamper. They're also the perfect choice for creating your own gifting hamper or storage. 

Wicker Picnic Basket Set - it comes complete with plates, cutlery and glasses... simply bring the food!

Luxury picnic baskets - if you're looking to take your picnic to the next level, you need luxury picnic baskets. These come with everything you could need for a picnic, including plates, cutlery, glasses and a blanket. Your friends will be envious!

Where to buy picnic hamper:

Here at Muldale, we're experts in what we do. Each of our products are hand picked to give you superb quality at the greatest price. This includes our beautiful range of wicker picnic baskets, sets and luxury picnic baskets. All our range is designed to meet your picnic basket needs and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. You're guaranteed to find the one for you.

Wicker Picnic Basket FAQs:

What are picnic baskets made from:

Picnic baskets can be made in a variety of things but our picnic hamper sets are made from willow wicker; beautiful and durable.

What can you do with an old picnic basket?

Old picnic baskets have a great many uses but we love to use them as storage or as empty hamper baskets to create your own gifting hamper.

How do you make a picnic basket?

If you want to create your own picnic basket, we recommend starting with an empty picnic basket and then adding all the items that you will need.

What is a good picnic basket?

Picnic baskets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For a good picnic basket, wicker willow offers beauty and durability - perfect for an outdoor adventure.