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Picnic Set

Picnic Sets With Indoor Dining Quality For An Outdoor Dining Experience

Lunchtime adventures in a cool summer breeze with your picnic set in hand are hard to beat. That cool and crisp freshness, the picnic blanket, the picnicware that delivers a quality dining experience outdoors - they're all essential ingredients to your perfect lunchtime picnic.

Our picnic sets and large wicker hamper baskets have been hand-selected to deliver a superior outdoor dining experience than the typical alternative picnic sets available.

That grown-up quality exudes itself through the use of sturdy materials and the inclusion of those all-important glasses and storage solutions for the lunchtime tipple.

Serve up supper in the sunshine with our range of luxury and deluxe wicker picnic sets

Setting the scene for a sizzling summer soirée, the Muldale selection of picnic sets includes classic wicker picnic baskets, chic barrel designs, beautiful chiller hamper baskets and French-style vintage picnic hampers. Take them along to the polo or race day. Find a favourite spot under a shady tree. Hit the drive-in movies or the beach with small bites and beers. Put up bunting in the park, lay out a decadent spread and clink glasses of rosé as the sun goes down.

For parties of two and four, you'll find luxury picnic hampers kitted out with all the essentials you need for an elegant outdoor dining experience. From porcelain plates and cutlery sets to removable chiller bags and plush picnic blankets, we've hand-selected high-quality hampers that go the distance with all the extras. Whether a fun lunch with friends or a romantic date for two, at Muldale we've got the magic that makes moments memorable.

High-quality wicker and willow picnic baskets

When you shop with Muldale, you'll find beautifully woven wicker and willow hampers that add ambience to your picnicking. Our wicker and willow hampers are renowned for their strength and durability and you'll find models that include wine glasses, knives, forks, spoons, plates, bottle openers and napkins. There is plenty of additional detailing too, from faux leather handles and straps to classic cream and tweed linings and comfortable rollaway picnic blankets.

What do you need for the perfect picnic?

Making the most of your outdoor dining experience includes 3 key things; the place, the people and the picnic set. Once you've decided on the perfect picnic location, and those that are joining, you need to pick the perfect picnic set to take.

Here at Muldale, we're experts in pulling together the perfect picnic. We stock a range of products from family picnic sets, and luxury picnic sets to vintage picnic set. Whether it's a picnic set for 2 or a picnic set for 4, our range of hand-selected products will have something for everyone.

Picnic baskets with traditional country-style charm

Fancy eating posh nosh in style? Designed for elegant alfresco dining, the Deluxe Tweed Picnic Hamper for 4 People sets the scene for a picture-perfect picnic. Lined with quintessentially British mid-green tweed and with a luxury tweed blanket and napkins included, it's jam-packed with country-style charm. Thanks to its chiller compartment, you can add your own smoked salmon sandwiches, succulent strawberries and bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon for a chic celebration that stays cool and fresh. Heading off on a romantic picnic for two? The 14" Fitted Chiller Traditional Picnic Basket for 2 People comes in a classic antique wash willow complete with a removable chiller compartment that's perfect for holding finger food and Champagne.

Picnic baskets with French-style flair

It doesn't matter whether you're sauntering through lavender fields in Provence or setting up a picnic in your local park, you can still do it with some French-style flair. The Lavender Tartan 2 Person Picnic Basket with Chiller Compartment has that enchanting rustic look. Or, for something show-stopping in style, choose one of our luxurious barrel-shaped picnic baskets.

Picnic Basket FAQs

What will you find in a picnic basket?

What's included in your picnic basket will depend on the model you choose. Most come with plates, cutlery, smart storage solutions and chiller compartments or bags to keep your food super fresh. You'll also find that our luxury models come with napkins, blankets and bottle openers. Some products include the picnic basket only for you to add accessories as you please.

How many people can a picnic set serve?

Pick from a selection of hand-selected picnic baskets for two and four, ideal for romantic dates, lunch with a friend, or fun family get-togethers.

Where are the best places to go for a picnic?

Picnic in the park, by the lake or in fairytale forests. Take your picnic basket along for days out kayaking or paddleboarding. Head to the races or a National Trust property. Hit the beach or the drive-in movies. The options are almost endless! Our luxury empty picnic baskets also make great presents. You can fill them with jam spreads and spices for Christmas or stock them with Champagne and chocolates for wedding gifts.