60cm Large Rattan Wicker Christmas Tree Skirt Grey Whitewash

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Handcrafted Large Wicker Tree Skirt

The quality of the strong and durable Kabu Rattan combined with a tight weaving process produces a luxurious finish. It acts as the perfect blackout hiding those areas of the tree that are less aesthetically pleasing.

We offer a range of sizes so make sure you get the right tree skirt for your tree:

Small Medium Large

Each skirt comes in a light silver/soft beige colour which is perfect for complimenting the dark greens and colourful dcor of the tree itself. Whether you are opting for a natural look and feel with a minimalistic tree or a colourful focal point of the room these tree skirts will enhance your efforts.

Approximate Measurements:

60cm Width at base of skirt

48cm Width at top of skirt

27cm Depth