40cm Rattan Wicker Christmas Tree Skirt Grey Whitewash

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Handcrafted Wicker Tree Skirt 40cm

Create a focal point with this finishing touch on your natural Christmas tree. The handcrafted rattan base will add a natural shield to cables and maintain an authentic look and feel.

This small rattan tree skirt is made from Kabu rattan so each piece is unique as they are woven by hand. Make sure you pick the right sized base for your tree.

Luxury 40cm Rattan Wicker Christmas Tree Skirt

We offer a range of sizes:

Small Medium Large

Each skirt comes in a light silver/soft beige colour which is perfect for complimenting darker tones and bright decorations of the tree itself. Whether you are opting for a natural look and feel with a minimalistic tree or a colourful focal point in the room these tree skirts will finish your efforts in style.

Approximate Measurements:

40cm Width at base of skirt

29cm Width at top of skirt

17cm Depth