Wooden Oak Effect Trug in Medium 33cm


Sturdy and multi-functional, this trug can fulfill your carrying needs.

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The Wrenbury oak trug - a Perfect Gardening Companion

This medium-sized oak trug is an essential gardening accessory and perfect for any keen gardening enthusiast. This oak trug will be by your side all day long. Ideal for every gardening chore and task. Store your tools, gloves, accessories, and anything else you may need to keep in arms reach and close by with this oak trug. Ideal for collecting your homegrown fruits and veg, homegrown herbs, flower, and plant cuttings.

The Container You Didn’t Know You Needed

This Wooden Oak Effect Trug stands at a neat 25cm high with a 33cm width and 20cm depth, making it a very manageable size for anything from going to the local market for some fresh produce to toting soil and tools around the garden all day. Its rounded handle allows for easy holding with minimal friction, while the flat panels of the base and sides of the box mean that it isn’t as easy to tip over or unbalance and can be laid down on a surface in a variety of stable orientations.

Beyond that, the slats that comprise the base of the trug boxes have small slit openings between each panel, so that any dirt or debris can be easily shaken or swept out of the bottom of the box rather than having to completely upend the box to clean it. All these design elements mean our trug boxes have a balance between easy, fuss-free handleability as well as a good heft and stability due to its material.

Why Choose an Oak Trug?

Oak wood has long been a popular material in woodworking, and for good reason. Oak is a very dense and heavy wood, lending oak products a characteristic strength and durability that make for items that withstand a high level of wear and tear as well as ones that possess a long lifespan. Oak wood’s density also means that it is much more resistant to the elements. Oak products, especially when treated properly, are sun-resistant and water-resistant which, in turn, makes them much less vulnerable to pest issues like termites or fungal attacks.

These properties are what make oak trugs so popular as containers for gardening tools, since they're impervious to the muck and dirt that gardeners will inevitably drag them through in the regular upkeep of their green spaces. Beyond a gardening context, this does mean that oak trugs in particular can be used in a wider variety of contexts, as their sturdiness and weight mean that they can withstand heavy use and rougher conditions. They're also not likely to be knocked over by a stray breeze or precariously arranged contents.

You Don’t Need Be a Gardener to Have a Trug

Though usually seen as a staple in any garden inventory, wooden trugs are actually quite versatile in their application. The most obvious use is for storage of any outside equipment that needs easy and frequent access and transport, such as pet toys and pet care items, or car wash and maintenance tools. For the interior-design oriented people, trug boxes are a quick and simple base to build charming, rustic decor in and around. They also double as good multipurpose storage spaces due to their depth and good space economy, especially with this medium iteration’s dimensions.

No matter what you decide to do with it, the oaken trug promises to be a stalwart and steadfast companion.

A Decorative & Functional Oak Effect Trug

This oak trug can also be used as an ornamental piece. Create a stunning floral display or use it as a traditional rustic fruit bowl to match your kitchen decor.

Made from oak effect wood, it features a deep storage basket and a comfortable round grip handle.

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Approximate oak effect trug size:

  • Height: 25cm
  • Width: 33cm
  • Depth: 20cm

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